• Instant Effects Eye Lift
  • Instant Effects Eye Lift
  • Instant Effects Eye Lift

Instant Effects

Instant Effects Eye Lift

$ 35.00



Look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep in just 15 minutes with the potent power of Instant Eye Lift. This super serum is clinically proven to banish your dark circles and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin hydrated and healthy looking.

  •  Reduced wrinkle depth
  •  Dark circles and puffiness diminished
  •  Results within 15 minutes
  •  Looks like you have had a good night’s sleep in 15 minutes

How To Apply

If you want to fade away fine lines or diminish dark circles, apply Instant Eye Lift to a freshly-cleansed eye area.

Apply a few small pumps onto your ring finger and apply to your delicate eye area using a gentle dabbing motion. This is a super serum so a little goes a long way.

Instant Eye Lift uses a pump and you may find it takes several pumps to activate before your first usage.

How It Works

We don’t want to overwhelm you with science, but it’s really rather clever. Instant Eye Lift works with your skin’s own metabolism to increase skin elasticity.

At the same time micro-circulation activators increase blood flow which reduces puffiness and dark circles.

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