• Instant Effects Lip Plumper
  • Instant Effects Lip Plumper

Instant Effects

Instant Effects Lip Plumper

$ 35.00



A perfect plump pout can be yours in just 2 minutes with Instant Lip Plumper. The revolutionary plumping lip gloss gives you 20% more voluminous lips with no stinging or discomfort. You’ll also experience increased hydration, reduced lines, which give a smoother appearance, and an increase in color to your lips.

  •  Fuller, smoother lips
  •  20% plumper lips in 2 mins
  •  No stinging or aggravation
  •  Effects from single application last up to 4 days

How To Apply

It’s really easy to plump up your pout. Just apply Instant Lip Plumper directly to the lips using the brush provided. You will start to notice results within two minutes and in one hour you will get the fuller effect.

You can follow with lipstick or lip gloss, but should wait for 5 minutes and wipe away any excess Instant Effects product before applying the colour.

The first time you use your Instant Lip Plumper, you may find that you need to click the button several times to release the liquid.

How It Works

The magic all happens by very clever patented oxygen transfer technology where Hyaluronic Spheres applied to the lips create a plumping, volumizing and super moisturizing effect.

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